Iacobus (English Edition) por Matilde Asensi

Titulo del libro : Iacobus (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 7, 2017
Autor : Matilde Asensi
Número de páginas : 225
Iacobus (English Edition) por Matilde Asensi

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Matilde Asensi con Iacobus (English Edition)

A revealing journey of a knight following the Templar trace on the road to Santiago. 1,300,000 copies sold worldwide by the so called ‘Queen of the Spanish Adventure Fiction’, one of the top writers in Spanish language, and author of the bestseller The Last Cato.

Galceran de Born is a knight of a military religious order, the mortal enemy of the Knights of Templar. He has been commissioned by Pope John XXII to investigate the murders of Pope Clement V, King Philippe IV of France, and William of Nogaret. Helped by his son Jonas and Sara, a white-haired Jewish witch, Galceran finds incriminating evidence against the outlawed Knights of Templar, who avenged their master’s death by perpetrating these three murders. On their way to Santiago, they also find a parchment which reveals that when the Knights of Templar were banned by the previous pope, they hid their gold all along the road, in places marked by the golden cross Tau.

The Pope’s greed, however, is insatiable and so he entrusts Galceran with another important mission: Galceran has to disguise himself as a pilgrim and seize the treasures that the Knights of Templar had hidden along the road: more than a thousand five hundred chests full of gold, silver and precious stones. In an underground labyrinth, they will find one of the greatest secrets in history: the Ark of the Covenant.

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