Goodnight (WWE) por Dan Madigan

Titulo del libro : Goodnight (WWE)
Autor : Dan Madigan
Goodnight (WWE) por Dan Madigan

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Dan Madigan con Goodnight (WWE)

Reseña del editor Seven feet tall. Four hundred pounds. A blood encrusted, corroding steel plate screwed into his skull. But perhaps the most terrifying thing about reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight is the razor-sharp nails on his forefingers, the ones he uses to circle his victims' eyes before he takes them. Holed up within the long-abandoned Blackwell Hotel, nine floors of hidden passageways and two-way mirrors that once acted as a playground for the rich and privileged, Jacob's disturbing gaze is now fixed on Kira, Christine, Michael, Tye, Zoe, Melissa, Richie and Russell -- eight delinquents hoping to shave time off their county jail sentences by performing community service, restoring the building to its former glory. Keeping an eye on them is detention officer Frank Williams, the former cop who put a bullet in Jacob's head four years previously. Jacob sees the sin their eyes -- as he always does -- and he means to pluck them out one by one. Goodnight -- he's the last thing you'll ever see... Biografía del autor Dan Madigan has been at the heart of the entertainment business for over ten years, during which time his work has taken him from Walt Disney Feature Animation to writing and producing for the WWE's SmackDown and the hyper world of professional wrestling. An avid film fan and self-taught cineaste, he has a life-long love affair with the obscure, the bizarre, the cultish world of cinema and the dark side of storytelling.

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