Jihad (English Edition) por Iqbal Singh

Titulo del libro : Jihad (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 23, 2017
Autor : Iqbal Singh
Número de páginas : 25
Jihad (English Edition) por Iqbal Singh

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Iqbal Singh con Jihad (English Edition)

Jihad has become one of the most hateful words in the world today. People get frowned and conscious when you start talking about it. And this is because we know little about what it is, and we never bother to ponder. Our knowledge of Jihad comes mostly from news channels or social media, each of which use and abuse this word for the benefit of themselves, or their allies. It is dirty politics that should be hated, not Jihad. It is so sad to realize that people have begun to think Jihad and terrorism as synonyms. In this book, I’ll totally wash and cleanse your mind and infuse it with the true meaning of this word, as I believe it, and trust me, you’ll fall in love with Jihad.

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